Meet Lauren! I am a working mom of 2 busy toddlers (Bauer & Merritt.) I am married to my best friend and have the most fun side hustle ever. My husband and I own a few dental practices in Arkansas, so when I am not working as dental hygienist or playing with our little ones, you will find me here procuring and styling some amazing luxury goods! 

Since our first day in business, Now You Glow LLC has been offering our clients the best selection of preloved luxury items, at unbeatable prices, in the resale market. It was all started by me just cleaning out my closet in the middle of a global pandemic, and has since grown into a robust resale and consignment business. We ship to clients looking for preloved luxury items nationwide. We pride ourselves on curating high-quality and affordable luxury items sourced from some of the most fashionable and stylish closets worldwide. We pride ourselves on the quality of items we offer on our website.

Meet Josie

Meet Josie! Lauren's assistant and right hand girl. Josie is currently in her second year of college with a goal of going into fashion merchandising. Josie has always had a love for the designer world and all things fashion. She is in love with all the pink bags. The process of obtaining select handbags is fascinating to her and helps set her goals high.


Josie is a big fan of cookies and pink drinks from Starbucks. Throughout the week she spends her days working at NYG. On the weekends she enjoys being in the company of her friends. Josie LOVES onions, but only the raw kind. Any time you go out to eat you can catch her asking for "a side of raw onions."

Meet Arianna

Meet Ariana! Social media manager with 5+ years of experience who has been working behind the scenes of Now You Glow. 

Ariana is based in NYC where she is living the dream. Her home office is her sanctuary and the city is her escape.

Things that make her happy include but are not limited to: almond milk lattes, binge watching movies, Pinot Grigio, and traveling. 

Her personal mantra is: Live your life doing the things that make you feel the most alive!